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Gymkhana (Games & sporting)

The day is all about getting out there and having some fun!!!


Preschoolers- 2yrs old to 5yrs old.

  • Walk only group
  • Walk and some Trotting
  • Walk and trot
  • Walk trot and canter.
  • Trot and canter (for the fast ones)
  • Adults and children will be put in separate classes , yes that's right adults can join in !!!!

We will be running the gymkanna in the morning (9am to 12pm) then lunch at approx 12 noon and presentation approx 12:30pm

We will then be running a few games (teams will be divided into similar speed i.e. walk trot canter and ages) of the famous pillow polo which will approx start at 1:00pm

Gymkanna 9am-11:30am (ribbons and prizes)

Games/sporting games include.

  • Barrel racing
  • Key hole
  • Bounce pony
  • Bring in the washing
  • Flag and cup race

More info to come soon.

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