Star Club

The Endeavour Park STAR club (Special Training and Assisted Riding) was established to provide those with an intellectual or physical ability the chance to ride. Located in the picturesque Oakdale, you will not find a more peaceful and tranquil setting.

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Riding days are held once a month. Two sessions are held. A morning session (9:30 for a 10:00am start) is for those riders who haven’t ridden before or are just starting their journey into horse riding. Here you will find the most amazing volunteers, that will assist you onto the horse and support you to have a truly amazing riding experience.

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An afternoon session is held (12:30 for a 1:00pm start) for those riders who have a bit more experience behind them and want to take their riding to the next level. All of these riders once required assistance but are now independent in their riding. You will often see these riders helping out and sharing what they have learnt with the morning session.

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Having said that, we are totally flexible and easy going people so if you wish to join a different session we can work it out.

The two sessions are broken by a BBQ lunch (coffee is also available). This serves two purposes, it is a fundraiser for the club but also it is a good chance for riders, parents, carers and others to socialise with each other. In a quite non judgemental atmosphere.

Cost is $60.00 per session (BBQ is additional cost)